October 4, 2019

Fueling Sock Fancy’s Supply Chain for the next stage

Scale And Supply Chain Visibility Go Hand In Hand

Sock Fancy launched in 2013 to help people find the perfect pair of comfortable, affordable, and awesomely-designed socks. Their vision has now sold more than a million pairs through a subscription service that ships all over the world, spurring strong growth and demanding a robust global supply chain. Ready for the next stage – they knew they needed a flexible, streamlined supply chain technology. See why Sock Fancy partnered with Anvyl to:

  • Manage both their B2C and B2B supply chains
  • Save money in human capital costs
  • Improve their supplier response rate by 90%

Read their full story and how Anvyl is now a central component of Sock Fancy’s business model to meet demand without worrying if their supply chain is up for the task.

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Take Control of Your Production Process

Anvyl provides a central source of truth for all your order information, and helps you manage your supplier relationships. All in one simple platform.

Take Control of Your Production Process