Track Inventory Across the First and Last Mile with Anvyl and Skubana

We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Skubana to extend data visibility and accuracy across production management and inventory management. The integration allows teams to extend the visibility of their inventory counts from production to the end customer. Because our system is able to update the Skubana platform in real time, it reduces the risk of mistakes from manual data entry and aligns the operations and fulfillment teams earlier in the process with accurate information.

Track inventory from production to delivery

Anvyl introduces visibility earlier in the supply chain and centralizes intelligence on the production of your goods. Our integration with Skubana allows teams to track inventory counts of finished goods the moment they’re produced, all the way to delivery to the end customer.

Reduce the potential of human error

When finished goods are delivered from the manufacturer to your warehouse, suppliers can send you updates on the shipped quantity discrepancies through Anvyl and suggest revisions to purchase orders (POs). With a single click, updating the purchase order in Anvyl will automatically send any changes into Skubana. This helps reduce the risk of a manual data entry mistake.

Save time aligning with the warehouse team

Because you no longer need to transfer new inventory levels from your email into Skubana, your warehouse team is informed at the same time you are when inbound goods are set to arrive. You can reduce the number of meetings and emails you have with your fulfillment center and focus your time and energy on other high-impact supply chain optimizations.

Get started

Our integration with Skubana can be up and running within 2 weeks. To learn more about how to track inventory levels starting with the first mile, schedule a time to chat with our specialists today.

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