February 22, 2021

Video: How To Build a Supply Chain That’s Fit for the Future

Last month, we caught up with our friends at Beauty Matter, Behave, and Harry’s for an insightful webinar that teaches brands how to build a strong foundation within their supply chain. The webinar features real-life examples from Emily Gu, the COO of Behave, Nikita Bhatnagar, the Director of Global Sourcing at Harry’s, and our very own founder and CEO, Rodney Manzo. Some key takeaways for companies that are just starting up are shown below.

Lead with Empathy

When you’re at a small company or just starting up, purchasing power may not be something you can leverage right away. It’s important to enter every supplier conversation with open and honest communication. Showing interest in their business can with the intent of coming up with solutions together can go a long way to help both sides of the transaction.

Watch the full recording to hear how Emily was able to shave off 2 cents per unit within her growing supply chain at Native by offering added perks to her supplier’s workers.

The Importance of Prioritizing Relationships to Cut Costs

Let’s face it. When you’re at a start-up, it can often feel like everything is going wrong. While optimizing the supply chains isn’t going to catch the attention of any one individual customer, every piece of the supply chain can and should be analyzed deeper to cut costs. As you start chipping away at deeper-level small issues within the supply chain, the gains start to add up and they directly correlate to your company’s bottom line. The additional cash flow can be used to in other teams, like marketing or sales, to grow the business.

Watch the full recording to hear how Nikita evaluates suppliers within her supply chain to optimize for cash flow.

Real Examples of Sustainability Opportunities

As sustainability has become more of a lifestyle than a trend, we are seeing both consumers and businesses across the globe adapt to more sustainable practices. In the webinar, you’ll learn tips for simultaneously keeping unit costs down while driving sustainable systems within the supply chain.

Watch the full recording to hear how Rodney’s experience at Apple ensured the minerals used were sourced sustainably and ethically.

Watch the full recording

In addition to the key takeaways, there are much more tips for start-ups who are looking to optimize their supply chains for growth. To learn about how to transition your business from D2C to retail, what levers you can pull when working with suppliers, how to manage the stress of out-of-stock, and more, watch the full recording now.

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