Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anvyl?
Anvyl exists to allow anyone anywhere to produce the products they want to see in the world. We do this by assisting supply chains from sourcing through production to ensure cost savings, quality control, and production transparency.

Anvyl is a supply chain technology platform that provides visibility into the manufacturing process and streamlines relationships between reputable companies and world-class manufacturers. We standardize and automate interactions between brands and manufacturers with technology that facilitates the Request for Quote (RFQ) process, breaks down pricing, tracks production and quality, and provides visual and data updates to ensure on-time delivery.
Where is Anvyl located?
Anvyl is headquartered in New York, NY, USA, with a world-class team based in China to support our manufacturing partners.
Who is Anvyl?
Anvyl is a global operation with teams in New York and China. Anvyl’s supply chain experts have worked at Apple, Microsoft, Google, Harry’s Grooming, Foxconn, and numerous other leading companies, accumulating decades of experience. Our engineering and data teams match this operational expertise with a combined experience of 50+ years in building intuitive, data-driven technology.
Who does Anvyl work with?
Anvyl works with both Brands and Manufacturers.

Brands are the makers of products who look to us for help to optimize their supply chains.

Manufacturers are top tier suppliers who have passed our comprehensive audit and are seeking opportunities to build long-term partnerships with interested Brands.
How does Anvyl find partners?
We pride ourselves on our ability to create consistent, long-term partnerships between our Brands and Manufacturers. To ensure valuable partnerships can be achieved, Anvyl audits and qualifies all companies on our platform to ensure all are accredited. Anvyl certifies factories for eco-friendliness, health & safety provisions, social responsibility, quality control and production capabilities. Anvyl qualifies brands for financial health and long-term production needs.
How much does Anvyl cost?
Anvyl is dedicated to providing an experience that is as personalized as the products being made.

For Brands, we have a tiered pricing model which reflects the support and services required to make an incredible product. Whether Brands need help with a specific product or want to manage their entire supply chain, we offer multiple solutions from quick quoting and project management tools to supply chain consultation and quality assurance.

For Manufacturers, Anvyl takes a small percentage of all newly awarded business within our platform.
How do I sign up for Anvyl?
Click here to talk to an Anvyl team member about your needs.

For Manufacturers

How do Manufacturers generate new business through Anvyl?
Anvyl’s software allows Manufacturers to view new RFQs by their specific manufacturing industry type. Full, detailed quotes can be completed within minutes and include production insights which highlight a specific Manufacturer’s competitive edge to win new business with Brands. Anvyl’s on-the-ground operations team works closely with each manufacturer to communicate clear objectives for the product and acts as an extension of each factory to generate new sales and improve production quality.
How do Manufacturers qualify for Anvyl?
We apply a rigorous audit process for each of our Manufacturers to ensure quality and professional alignment. Through our Asia Pacific team, we perform a factory visit and conduct an intensive audit for cleanliness, technological capabilities, production and quality control, health and safety, and social and environmental responsibility. In addition, Manufacturers are expected to have globally recognized certifications (ISO, Military ratings, etc.) for production, which legitimizes all products to be sold across international markets.
How do Manufacturers communicate with their customers (Brands) once business has been awarded and production is ready to begin?
Once business is awarded and there’s an agreement to work on a project, Anvyl connects the Brand and Manufacturer directly. Our software provides a convenient, single point of access for purchase orders, schedules, and production data. Manufacturers can easily upload photos, videos, quality reports, and any other critical files to keep customers up to date. Additionally, Brands and Manufacturers will always be directly connected and are welcome to communicate however is most convenient between parties.

For Brands

How do Brands find a new Manufacturer or launch a new product using Anvyl?
Anvyl partners with Brands from ideation through shipment. Brands provide details about new products through the software, which in turn connects with our premier Manufacturers.

If Brands don’t have drawings and specifications or are unsure of exactly what they want for their product, the Anvyl team leverages our years of supply chain expertise to create a lean strategy for new product development. With over 75 combined years of supply chain experience, Anvyl offers guidance on the best materials, optimal sizing, and preferred production procedures.
Does Anvyl require an order minimum to help with production?
Anvyl primarily assists medium to large-scaled business who are looking to do upwards of tens of thousands of units of production. However, we have also helped Brands launching new products with smaller production runs. Please do not hesitate to reach out, and we would be happy to explore options case by case.
How do Brands interact and communicate with Manufacturers?
Once business has been awarded to a Manufacturer, the Anvyl team will introduce the respective project managers from the Brand and Manufacturer side. Anvyl’s software complements your regular communication by streamlining information by sharing a single point of reference for production runs. Additionally, Brands and Manufacturers will always be directly connected and are welcome to communicate however is most convenient between parties.
How does Anvyl track production of orders?
Anvyl’s software enables digestible, easily accessed insights into production through high-level summary data and real-time production visibility. Each Brand has a personal homepage with full dashboard insights into overall production and the ability to dig into specific projects with a single click.
What level of detail does Anvyl offer during production runs?
Manufacturers on Anvyl will provide key insights for every single production run. This includes production photos, videos, quality documents, and production yields. Brands can expect updates multiple times a week and will be able to track how close the full order is to completion.
How does Anvyl ensure that all IP is secure?
Anvyl takes intellectual property seriously and upholds high standards of discretion and protection. NDAs are signed by both parties, and any proprietary information shared with Anvyl or through Anvyl’s network is contractually protected. We also encourage Brands and Manufacturers entering into business to pursue an independent contract between both parties.
How fast can Anvyl get a new product made?
Production schedules will vary based on the product. We understand that there are many moving pieces when launching a product, and Anvyl works closely with Brands and Manufacturers to facilitate production efforts.
Does Anvyl provide logistics and fulfillment support?
Anvyl covers all things from product ideation to ship-date. Currently, we do not provide logistics and fulfillment support.