Trust Your Supply Chain Data

Keep your team aligned with the same information, regardless of the platform they wish to use. You can easily connect production data to the rest of your supply chain using any of our pre-configured integrations.

Integrate the Systems You Aready Use Within Weeks, Not Months

We have pre-built connectors for 1,000+ data points and are constantly adding more. See the most popular ones below.

Customize Your Integration with the Anvyl API

Business Intelligence
Pull in supply chain data from the Anvyl API, customize how the data will appear, and view them against other company metrics in your business intelligence dashboard.
A Tailored Workflow
Our API has endpoints for any integration. Choose a system that data should be added to and develop against any field in your supply chain technology stack.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Align your finance and demand planning team with purchase order changes, parts that have been shipped, and invoices that are due.

Standardize the Workflow With Other Tools

Keep your books accurate and up to date. Automatically categorize purchase order line items into the correct expense and liability accounts in your financial system.
Freight Forwarders
Extend visibility of your orders after they leave the manufacturer. Automatically link shipments to their corresponding purchase order.
Inventory Management
Improve the accuracy of your inventory levels. When goods are delivered to your warehouse, this feeds directly from Anvyl into your inventory management system.

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