Unicargo + Anvyl


Inbound logistics across ocean, air and trucking for scaling brands. Track 97% of all Ocean shipments through Anvyl’s embedded tool or connect directly to your logistics partner’s API.

Anvyl + Unicargo

Anvyl and Unicargo bring real time visibility and management of ocean, air and trucking movements to visualize all orders for a single source of truth.

Anvyl can extend the inventory and order capabilities of Unicargo from order to delivery of goods

Ocean Visibility
Air Visibility
Trucking Visibility
Unicargo + Anvyl Software Suite


One platform for your team and partners.

  • Bring all internal and external teams together for a central source of truth.
  • Manage changes by exception when there are issues.
  • Gain control with seamless split shipments to gain deeper control of your supply chain.


Eliminate manual tasks and minimize errors.

  • Share data and files such as BOL, Commercial Invoices and other logistics documents on Anvyl while seeing any delays in real time.
  • Automated workflows to keep production and shipments from being delayed.
  • Save time and money while our technology does the work for you from order to delivery.


Know where your goods are and issues occur from order to delivery.

  • Introduce machine learning to help you understand which orders will be delayed prior to a shipment being booked.
  • Use technology to scan POs and Invoices in real time to auto reconcile your financial documents.
  • See where your orders are from your supplier to your warehouse or distribution center with seamless integrations.

Automate Your Supply Chain With Anvyl + Unicargo Today

Bring transparency across your SC and start to sync your data to help your brand scale.