SKU and Order Management

Order details down to each part, supplier, and itemized cost.

Bring harmony to your supply chain data

Store your entire parts library, purchase orders, and supplier directory in one place. When you need to access them, quickly search on Anvyl to find the latest information on any order.

Detailed parts library

Upload your BOM and attach any associated design files to create a record of all your parts data. Store important information about cost breaks, MOQs, lead times, or detailed pack out instructions so your whole team can find them instantly.

Order management system part definition

Comprehensive supplier directory

Upload all of your existing suppliers, add factory locations, tag their capabilities, and identify key points of contact. You can attach important paperwork like SLAs, contracts, audits, and price breaks and add private notes to keep track of each relationship.

Order management system dashboard

Purchase order management

Queue up draft orders and issue them to your suppliers with the click of a button. Anvyl lets you track POs throughout production and revise them at any time, storing a shared record of change history and eliminating back-and-forth with suppliers.

Order management system part entry

Document management

Easily upload and categorize all your important documents to Anvyl. Catalogue supplier audits, supplier agreements (SLAs), contracts, quality inspections, design files, logistics and shipment information, payment confirmation, and invoices.

Order management system document management

Solutions for growing consumer brands

Thanks to Anvyl we are able to have a seamless experience between sales and production, and that frees us up to build out the sales side more. What used to be a twelve hour process is now just a quick highlight view.

Futhum Tewolde

Co-Founder & COO

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Anvyl has assembled a team of global supply chain experts that can serve as an extension to a company’s operations team. They have developed the first software I’ve used that’s suited to provide a single source of truth for each stage of a brand’s production process. Anvyl is built for the scalability, efficiency, and transparency required by brands today.

Matt Gornstein

Director of Global Sourcing

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We expect that kind of commitment from our own employees, but it's rare to find with third parties… It inspires a lot of confidence in us that we'll be able to hit all the milestones we've set for our customers and investors. We couldn't be happier working with you guys, and look forward to a continued productive relationship.

Samy Hamdouche

VP of Research

We were excited to work with Anvyl because its team of experts could serve as an extension of our own—providing eyes on the ground at every stage of the sourcing and production process.

Hilary Coles

Head of Product

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The software is great, easy to use, and efficient. It provides visibility when it comes to sourcing, all the way down to production.

Liz Miranda

Global Logistics Manager

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When I first talked to Anvyl, I could see it was the all-encompassing platform we were looking for. Anvyl has done a great job engineering the platform to support our growth.

Niels Tervoort

Director of Supply Chain

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