Brooklinen Case Study

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Brooklinen has established itself as the leading e-commerce disrupter of the overpriced and overcomplicated home essentials industry. They offer global customers a curated collection of stylish, luxury grade linens at an accessible price point. After raising a Series B of $50 million in March 2020, the company had plans to scale its products into new stores and regions. To do this, they needed an operational framework that could help them streamline and automate their process.

After evaluating both an ERP and Anvyl, they decided to move forward with Anvyl first to centralize all of their production data and collaborate with their suppliers for better visibility into the status of their goods. With Anvyl, the team thought the platform could help them develop a strong structure, process, and more efficient workflow for everyone on their team.

Brooklinen + Anvyl Case Study
  • Based in Brooklyn, NY
  • $100 million in revenue
  • Home essentials
  • Raised Series B of $50M in March 2020


  • An operational framework that could scale
  • To streamline and automate their process
  • A system that could centralize their data


The Anvyl platform offered the supply chain team immediate value through data centralization within a few days.

Data Centralization

  • Greater visibility
  • Accessible PO information in real time
  • Auditable PO revisions and activity feeds
Brooklinen + Anvyl Case Study

Cataloguing For

  • Parts
  • Suppliers
  • Supplier Contacts
  • Linked Parts & Suppliers
  • Minimum Order Quantities
  • Price Per Unit
  • Messages
  • Files
  • Artwork
  • Packing Lists
  • Bill of Ladings
  • Receiving Documents
  • Invoices
  • Audit Documentation
  • and more…
Brooklinen + Anvyl Case Study


The team was able to use the platform’s built-in automation, insights into production delays, and collaboration tools to enable seamless communication with suppliers.

Built-in automation and intelligence

  • Task automation
  • Follow-up reminders with suppliers
  • Supply chain reports
  • Order alerts
  • Risk analysis

Supplier collaboration portal

  • Updates made through email did not require suppliers to login
  • Additional collaborators were added whenever necessary
  • Sophisticated customization such as splitting order shipments was easily communicated through the platform
Brooklinen + Anvyl Case Study
Brooklinen + Anvyl Case Study
Brooklinen + Anvyl Case Study


The overall gross merchandise value (GMV) grew by 2.6x year over year.

Immediate value from a single source of truth

Brooklinen brought all of their supply chain data onto Anvyl to act as its single source of truth for purchase orders. The process to centralize all of this information was simple and fast, only taking one week.

Today, Brooklinen centralizes all of their supply chain data and has a significant amount of intelligence readily available within seconds.


Files added per month


POs issued per month


Messages sent per month


Active POs each week


Suppliers for each PO


Linked parts and suppliers

Productivity gained from automation & intelligence

By centralizing their data, tasks, and communications, they were able to add automation and intelligence into their supply chain for even more efficiencies.

With the extra time, the team has also been able to scale their business into new products.


Monthly tasks created


Tasks created automatically


Tasks completed before due dates


New parts added to library each month


Months delay in increasing headcount


Reports referenced by 5+ members


Active orders managed by 9 users in 2 hours


Brooklinen has implemented new-hire training and supplier onboarding manuals to get everyone up to speed with their supply chain operations.

Streamlined processes internally and externally

These documents paired with the simplicity of the Anvyl platform has reduced confusion during remote work, and created efficiencies when there are complex purchase orders and frequent split shipments. As a result, Brooklinen has successfully streamlined how their team operates.

In the upcoming year, Brooklinen plans to add 5 more people to their supply chain team and scale orders by 10x. The team will expand its usage to leverage the Anvyl IQ solution, shipment tracking, and production lifecycle management capabilities to continue to drive the business quickly and efficiently.


Employee growth


Supplier growth


of purchase orders have split shipments

I’ve tried to create systems like this at my old roles but nothing close to what Anvyl does. The Anvyl platform gives us everything we need to align our team during the production process.

JD Davis
Senior Manager, Production & Procurement, Brooklinen