Magic Spoon + Anvyl Case Study

Case Study

Magic Spoon Simplifies Production Management Workflow with Anvyl

Magic spoon produces cereal for grown-ups that still reminds them of their favorite flavors from childhood. Their formulas are high in protein, low in carbs, and magically tasty. The team produces all of their cereals with suppliers in the United States and sells their products directly to consumers and through e-commerce sites and retailers.

After a year of managing their supply chain using Google Spreadsheets for production, DEAR Systems for inventory and demand planning, and a variety of freight forwarders for shipments, all of their data was in separate places. They did not have up-to-date information from their suppliers in their systems, and therefore, were bogged down in fixing discrepancies using a manual workflow that didn’t allow them enough time to plan for production delays.

Magic Spoon
  • Founded in April 2019
  • Based in New York, NY
  • Food and Beverage industry
  • $5+ million in annual revenue


  • Simplify their supply chain workflow
  • Increase communication with suppliers
  • More time to fix data discrepancies
  • Advance notice when delays were expected

Solution & Results

Magic Spoon selected Anvyl to help them increase collaboration and communication with suppliers, reduce manual workflows and data discrepancies, and get alerts for potential production delays.

Supplier Collaboration

They quickly centralized communication with their suppliers onto the Anvyl platform. They interact regularly with 40+ suppliers on the platform to collaborate on dozens of monthly that include:


various ingredients


of which require price break tracking


of purchase orders that have shipped quantity discrepancies


files each month that include packing lists and certificates of compliance (COC)

Increased Productivity

They were able to win more time back in their day because they no longer needed to resolve every data discrepancy. The Anvyl integration with DEAR Systems and additional reports resulted in:


reports created and referenced weekly


time saved manually updating information in 6 months


increase in purchase orders in the same 6 month period

Solution & Results

As the team had more free time, they were able to leverage Anvyl IQ’s machine learning tools that helped them predict the likelihood of a production delay.

Delay Detector

The Anvyl Delay Detector continues to be an essential source of intelligence for Magic Spoon to help them manage by exception and focus their time and effort on the purchase orders that are most at risk.

NetSuite + Anvyl Software Suite

Anvyl has automated many of our manual processes, from updating DEAR with accurate information to checking in with our suppliers and capturing their replies for our entire team to see.

Taryn Palatnikov, Supply Chain Manager