Sock Fancy Case Study

Case Study

Sock Fancy chooses Anvyl for supply chain visibility and growth

Sock Fancy + Anvyl Case Study

Sock Fancy launched in 2013 to help people find the perfect pair of comfortable, affordable, and awesomely-designed socks.

Sock Fancy launched in 2013 to help people find the perfect pair of comfortable, affordable, and awesomely-designed socks. Their vision has now sold more than a million pairs through a subscription service that ships all over the world, spurring strong growth and demanding a robust global supply chain.

Because the company focuses on B2B customers as well as consumers, their supply chain must meet the demands of both. They were rapidly expanding and needed to scale, starting with eliminating inefficient communication with their overseas manufacturing and design partners.
Lengthy email chains, a lack of process visibility, and technological hassles were holding them back—it was hard to imagine maintaining their quality of service with 10x growth on the horizon.

Sock Fancy chose Anvyl as a single hub for supply chain data, one that would make it easy to track progress, communicate with suppliers, and deliver goods to each customer on time and as promised. “If we were going to continue to grow,” says co-founder and COO Futhum Tewolde, “we needed a partner to help us organize our entire supply chain process.”

Sock Fancy + Anvyl Case Study

Refining a fashion supply chain for enterprise accounts

In the past, managing B2B accounts demanded so much of Tewolde and his team’s time that they struggled to focus on other important functions, like marketing, trade show placement, and design. Their enterprise customers needed a high level of service and communication, costing the team hours of follow-up with upstream supply chain partners to ensure quick and accurate updates.

Once Sock Fancy brought Anvyl on board, they could quickly see each supplier and product’s status and pass on key updates to customers in minutes. “With Anvyl’s Production Hub,” says Tewolde, “everyone is well aware of key milestones, and now we get reminder alerts about those milestones. When a customer needs an update, it’s right there. It’s much more proactive.”

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Thanks to Anvyl we are able to have a seamless experience between sales and production, and that frees us up to build out the sales side more. What used to be a twelve hour process is now just a quick highlight view.

Futhum Tewolde Co-Founder & COO Sock Fancy

The freedom to move into the next stage

Now that Anvyl is a central component of Sock Fancy’s business model, all of the company’s sourcing and production information is available in one place. The team uses dashboard-style tracking and management to stay informed, quickly accessing and sharing key information with their suppliers and customers. With more strong growth projected, the company can meet increased demand without worrying if their supply chain is up for the task.

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