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Meet high expectations and delight your customers with a more transparent, efficient supply chain.

Food and beverage brands use Anvyl’s Production Hub to gain visibility into sourcing and product development, manage detailed supplier data, and find the most qualified manufacturing partners in the market.

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Move fast when it matters

Fulfillment is key when it comes to perishable products. Make sure your customers and distribution partners get them on time and in perfect condition with greater production visibility and automation. Monitoring your inbound goods from creation to the moment they reach your door.

  • Automated supplier follow-up and delay notifications
  • Collaborative space for suppliers and logistics partners
  • Integrations with freight forwarders for further tracking
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Bring delicious products to life

Anvyl provides a central location to store and manage order details down to each part and component. Work closely with suppliers from shared data to ensure you’re always in agreement on the specs and standards for your products.

  • Upload custom formulas, CAD files, and bills of materials
  • Build an in-depth database of suppliers and product details
  • Track and revise POs throughout production
  • Upload and categorize all of your important documents
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Find suppliers you can count on

Anvyl vets suppliers to join our marketplace based on extensive industry experience, production capability, social responsibility, and quality assurance. Scale capacity with low risk by choosing partners who understand how to manage a time-sensitive and highly-regulated inventory.

  • Meet industry standards and expectations
  • Submit RFQs to qualified suppliers in minutes
  • Onboard new production partners easily
  • Reduce losses from quality or delivery issues
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We expect that kind of commitment from our own employees, but it's rare to find with third parties… It inspires a lot of confidence in us that we'll be able to hit all the milestones we've set for our customers and investors. We couldn't be happier working with you guys, and look forward to a continued productive relationship.

Samy Hamdouche

VP of Research

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