September 7, 2021

Anvyl Now Powers NPI Collaboration

Managing the day-to-day in your supply chains just got better on Anvyl. Our latest release now extends data centralization, collaboration, and visibility to start at the concept development level. This is particularly useful for high-growth companies that are adding new SKUs to their product catalog on a regular basis or new products that require vendor input before launching new products.

Accelerate your speed to market

Building out standard operating procedures (SOP) for new product introductions (NPI) and aligning all of your parties earlier in the process can determine how quickly you bring products to market. Leverage a collaboration platform that allows you to save time aligning all of your collaborators at each stage of the product life cycle.

The first five steps in your NPI process can be managed and coordinated all in one platform.

  1. Concept development
  2. Prototype development
  3. Engineering Verification
  4. Design Verification
  5. Production Verification

Eliminate mistakes and confusion earlier

When you have dozens of emails with various recipients and different information flowing through each thread, it’s hard to keep track of everything and make sure you have the most accurate information. Adding an intelligent machine learning model that reads your messages and alerts you when the next steps are required can help you filter through the noise, alert you of mistakes that need to be fixed, and take action on anything that needs to be updated.

Reference back to pertinent information in one place

It’s impossible to remember everything. As we get older and wiser we aren’t necessarily going to have a sharper memory. Using a software that automatically assembles related information about your new product and shows a time-stamp for auditable activity can help you reduce errors and miscommunication later on in the process.

Take Control of Your Production Process

Anvyl provides a central source of truth for all your order information, and helps you manage your supplier relationships. All in one simple platform.

Take Control of Your Production Process