G2 Names Anvyl Top Performer in Four Categories
February 12, 2022

G2 Names Anvyl Top Performer in Four Categories

Once again, we’re thrilled to announce that Anvyl has ranked as a “High Performer” in G2’s Winter 2022 Report for Supply chain visibility software.

Not only that, but Anvyl scored G2 badges across four categories:

  • High Performer
  • Best Support
  • Easiest To Do Business With
  • Fast Implementation

These accomplishments showcase that our mission to bring intelligent and connected supply chains to customers worldwide is resonating and not going unnoticed. Not only are we honored to be ranked a high performer against our competitors, but to know that Anvyl users also trust us for their support needs, are happy with the speed of our implementation process, and find us easy to work with means our approach to supply chain visibility is working.

What’s a G2 badge?

If you’re new to G2, the B2B software review company based in Chicago, IL, highlights the top-performing software solutions across hundreds of categories every quarter. Instead of trusting what organizations have a say about their own products or services, G2 provides consumers with a space to review the products they use daily. People are encouraged to share what they like, dislike, recommendations they have to others considering the product, and any problems they’re having with the particular tool.

G2 Badges are based on customer satisfaction, market presence, and real reviews left by customers on the G2 platform. Since the badges are awarded based on feedback from customers about what Anvyl is doing right and what needs to be improved, it’s incredibly exciting for us to receive four during the Winter 2022 report cycle.

Plus, Anvyl is no newcomer to the world of G2 Badges, as we’ve also scored as a High Performer in G2’s Fall and Summer 2021 reports. We’re honored to consistently receive these high marks from our customers and want to thank all of them for their positive words, feedback, and continued use of our product!

What are real customers saying about Anvyl?

As an innovative solution for production management, Anvyl has over 25 reviews on G2’s platform by real customers. Our mission is always to put our customers first, as everything we do is driven by solving pain points customers may face across the supply chain. Because of this, we do everything we can to make our clients more successful, so we pay close attention to everything our customers have to say.

Read some of the reviews Anvyl has received on G2:

Jennifer B. Writes:

“The platform is easy to use and integrates in our organization across several users. The system prompts you to update milestones which is helpful for managing orders from a supplier perspective. It also allows us to communicate changes in the order progress with the customer. We use this platform for a very complex customer, and it has been valuable in managing a large number of SKUs and delivery

Niels T. writes:

“Vendor management is my favorite part of Anvyl. I used to keep separate logs, notes, and spreadsheets to track conversations from text, email, and meeting agendas. Now, all of these requests and documentation flow right through 1 platform for all of my vendors. From the placement of P.O. to receiving the product and final testing and documentation, I can find all of these data points in Anvyl.
Literally, for a startup like us, this saves so much time.”

Nicole I writes:

“Anvyl helps us efficiently solve our organization problem. I’ve been able to get back a lot of time in my day just by having all the parts and systems stored in one place. Not to mention being able to call up order details really quickly is amazing.”

See what other customers have said about Anvyl on G2, the number one place to
go for reviews. If you’ve never visited our G2 page, we encourage all of our customers to let us know what they think of Anvyl, what we could do differently, and how we’ve helped them integrate their supply chain data into a single source of truth.

If you’d like to learn more about Anvyl, our specialists look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you again to our customers, and here’s to more G2 badges in the future!

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