SAP integration
July 27, 2020

Now Featured in the SAP App Center

We are excited to announce that our supply chain relationship management software is now featured in the SAP App Center.

The Anvyl platform seamlessly integrates with many ERPs and SAP is no different. Here’s where Anvyl helps your supply chain:

Trust your first mile

An integration with Anvyl extends your visibility after the original purchase order (PO) is issued. The two cloud-based technologies work harmoniously together with two-way data sync for critical PO information, changes, and updates. Whether you’re conducting an audit for quality control, looking for the status of production, trying to mitigate a delay, needing visibility into the chain of custody, or any other key variables, our solution lets you better manage the first mile of your supply chain.

Strengthen your supply chain relationships

Our collaboration engine lets suppliers and collaborators send updates about your goods directly in the software. Ultimately, your relationships are easier to manage, because you can quickly determine if your suppliers are meeting their obligations. We allow you to proactively monitor performance including responsiveness, accuracy in lead times, and quality controls.

With a robust set of relationship analytics, the integration automatically feeds this information back to your SAP instance and you can make better business planning decisions, such as diversifying your suppliers, if needed.

Avoid delays

Not only does Anvyl let you automate production tracking, we also pull in data from your freight forwarding partners to track the ordered goods all the way to delivery. These integrations are already built into the platform, only requiring your login credentials to aggregate this information.

Building a resilient supply chain starts with the first mile through the entire process. If you’re an SAP customer and would like to learn more, connect with our partnerships team.

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Take Control of Your Production Process

Anvyl provides a central source of truth for all your order information, and helps you manage your supplier relationships. All in one simple platform.

Take Control of Your Production Process