Supplier Quality Benchmarks
June 2, 2021

The Must-Have Benchmarks for Measuring Supplier Quality

This report was co-authored by Will Davis and Stuart Mason.

Auditing your suppliers can help you identify specific risks at each point of your supply chain. Whether you’re working with 1 or 100 suppliers, it’s important to know what is considered unacceptable so you can figure out ways to improve your supplier quality, and gain better results.

In our latest data report, we studied the behaviors of over 3,000 suppliers that use the Anvyl platform, and uncovered the following supplier benchmarks:

  • On-time order performance
  • Response times for emails
  • Quantity variances for completed orders
  • Related document organization

Here is a preview of what we found during our analysis…

Each of these metrics measure the communication and reliability of your suppliers. They have a downstream impact on your supply chain as they would require additional time and resources to course-correct.

To avoid potentially costly issues, review these benchmarks and regularly monitor, assess, and communicate your expectations to your suppliers. Enforcing supplier quality will become an integral part of your growth strategy as you diversify your supply base.

Download the Supplier Quality Benchmarks

To access all of the benchmarks, including what determines when a supplier would require improvement, download the full report below.

Download: Benchmarks for Measuring Supplier Quality

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