Anvyl IQ

Drive More Predictable Outcomes

Augment your intuition and act with a more complete picture.

End-to-End Order Insights

Anvyl IQ, built upon proprietary machine learning algorithms, analyzes documents, supplier communication, historical production times, market trends, and order-level relationships to offer key insights into your orders.

Updates to Orders

Potential Delays

Inaccurate Invoices

Intelligence That Spans Across Every Stage of an Order

The added intelligence is an extension of our production management platform that provides greater visibility and risk assessment for SKU and part-level details across each mile of your supply chain.
Lead Time Estimator

Guide Decision-Making in the Reorder Process

Automatically see how long your goods will take to produce without having to ask your suppliers. Our machine learning model uses actual and historical production data to estimate the number of days it will take to manufacture the parts on your purchase order.
Smart Milestones

Trust That Your Order Information Is Accurate

Semantic analysis on the messages between you and your suppliers detects when a purchase order (PO) requires an update or further action. Gain better visibility into order statuses and reduce unnecessary workflow steps to keep your systems up-to-date.
Delay Detector

Create Contingency Plans for Order Delays

Anticipate the likelihood of an order delay based on historical and current information on the platform. These predictions let you see around corners for at-risk orders, eliminate the need to scramble, and prevent costly adjustments in your supply chain.
Invoice Matching

Save Time Matching POs and Invoices

Use artificial intelligence to scan uploaded invoices and extract details for parts, quantities, and prices. When there are discrepancies between an invoice and purchase order, the platform highlights the mismatched data so you never have to overpay for an invoice again.

Resolve Issues Before They Happen

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