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Case Studies

Magic Spoon Case Study

Magic Spoon produces cereal for grown-ups that still reminds them of their favorite flavors from childhood.

Brooklinen Case Study

Brooklinen selected Anvyl to build the operational framework they needed to streamline and automate their production and supply chain processes.

S’well Case Study

Anvyl helped the leading beverage container brand de-risk its supply chain and lower unit costs by 20%.


The Procure-to-Pay Process: What It Is + Best Practices
Procure-to-pay involves requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, paying for, and accounting for your goods and services. Find out more here.
Order to Cash (O2C): An 8-Step Guide + Tips To Improve Order Fulfillment
Order to cash is an essential function of a company’s finance department. In this article, we discuss the fundamentals of O2C and how to improve
What Is a 3-Way Match? Tips To Streamline Supply Chain Invoice Processing
A 3-way match is an accounting process that compares invoices to POs and receiving information. Learn how to perform a 3-way match and why it

Whitepapers & Guides

Inventory Management System (IMS) 101 and How It Will Help Your Supply Chain
If you’re new to working in the Supply Chain ecosystem, or would just like a refresher, Anvyl’s “Inventory Management System (IMS) 101 and How It
The Cost-Cutting Guide for Supply Chain Shipments
In this data report we identify the scenarios in which this and other cost-conscious supply chain decisions make sense. Learn how highly effective supply chain teams can
Guide to Building Your Supply Chain Tech Stack
If your supply chain tech stack fails to facilitate seamless and efficient order fulfillment, you might be missing something. Our guide is here to help.


Building a Brand to Scale
A live interview with Moiz Ali, founder of Native, and investor in Manscaped, Magicspoon and others, as we discuss how to build a brand to
How to Start Your Own Brand – 5 Must Haves
Thousands of people want to start their own brand and sell Direct to Consumer. But only hundreds of them have done it successfully. What are
Using a 3PL to Scale Your Brand – Myths & Truths
Companies need to master producing, shipping, and stocking-to-demand to maintain margins. Can you scale without destroying those margins?


Under Armour is Cancelling Purchase Orders
Dan and Will look at Under Amour's recent cancellations with a variety of purchase orders. Can they do that? Also, Dan delivers some other major
A Deeper Look at the Baby Formula Shortage with Justina Chiang of Nara Organics
Dan and Will are joined by Justina Chiang, COO at Nara Organics, to discuss whats causing the current baby formula shortage.
A Perfect Pairing with the Same Problem
There's some supply chain shortages in the alcohol and chocolate industries. Dan and Will take a look at the problem and give you the other

Additional Resources

What Is a Request for Quote (RFQ)?
Any business that needs to buy products or materials will inevitably run into the term request for quote (RFQ). But does anyone know what that
Why Are Supply Chain Analytics So Important?
Supply chain and real-time data analytics make businesses smarter, quicker and more efficient across the entire length of the supply chain and organization. A recent
What Is a Purchase Order (PO)?
Purchase orders are more than messy paperwork and wasted time. When managed effectively, a purchase order can mean the difference between on time deliveries, messy

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