Supply Chain Management Resources

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Case Studies

OpenStore Standardizes Dozens of Brands’ Supply Chains with Anvyl

OpenStore uses Anvyl to issue, track, organize, and report on purchase orders across their portfolio.

Magic Spoon Case Study

Magic Spoon produces cereal for grown-ups that still reminds them of their favorite flavors from childhood.

Brooklinen Case Study

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Brooklinen has established itself as the leading e-commerce disrupter of the overpriced and overcomplicated home essentials industry. They


Anvyl Scores G2 Badges in Seven Categories
Once again, we’re thrilled to announce that Anvyl has ranked as a “High Performer” in G2’s Winter 2023 Report for Supply Chain Visibility Software.
5 Questions About TikTok’s Fulfillment Centers
You may have heard the news, first reported Wednesday by Axios, that job listings appear to indicate that TikTok is building fulfillment centers to double-down
What Is Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)?
Supplier relationship management (SRM) allows a business to increase efficiency in its supply chain management process. Learn more here.

Whitepapers & Guides

Inventory Management System (IMS) 101 and How It Will Help Your Supply Chain
If you’re new to working in the Supply Chain ecosystem, or would just like a refresher, Anvyl’s “Inventory Management System (IMS) 101 and How It
The Cost-Cutting Guide for Supply Chain Shipments
In this data report we identify the scenarios in which this and other cost-conscious supply chain decisions make sense. Learn how highly effective supply chain teams can
Guide to Building Your Supply Chain Tech Stack
If your supply chain tech stack fails to facilitate seamless and efficient order fulfillment, you might be missing something. Our guide is here to help.


Building a Brand to Scale
A live interview with Moiz Ali, founder of Native, and investor in Manscaped, Magicspoon and others, as we discuss how to build a brand to
How to Start Your Own Brand – 5 Must Haves
Thousands of people want to start their own brand and sell Direct to Consumer. But only hundreds of them have done it successfully. What are
Using a 3PL to Scale Your Brand – Myths & Truths
Companies need to master producing, shipping, and stocking-to-demand to maintain margins. Can you scale without destroying those margins?


Big News for Next Year!
Dan and Will have a special announcement for the show!
Did We Just Coin a New Supply Chain Term?
US imports form China have continued to decrease, furthering the discussion around globalization and geopolitics. Dan and Will discuss how this impacts the US supply
Is Buy Now, Pay Later Trending to the Supply Chain
Working capital is important for not only brands but also for their suppliers. Dan and Will discuss if this e-commerce trend is making its way

Additional Resources

What Is a Request for Quote (RFQ)?
Any business that needs to buy products or materials will inevitably run into the term request for quote (RFQ). But does anyone know what that
Why Are Supply Chain Analytics So Important?
Supply chain and real-time data analytics make businesses smarter, quicker and more efficient across the entire length of the supply chain and organization. A recent
What Is a Purchase Order (PO)?
Purchase orders are more than messy paperwork and wasted time. When managed effectively, a purchase order can mean the difference between on time deliveries, messy

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