February 1, 2021

Anvyl Partners with NetSuite to Provide Up-to-Date Actionable Production Data for Supply Chain Operators

We’re excited to share that Anvyl has partnered with NetSuite to offer supply chain operators a single place to manage production tracking and supplier relationships. For the first time, Anvyl and Netsuite extend the capabilities of supply chain teams by increasing visibility into production and order changes. The partnership provides next-level automation around production tracking and operational tasks to ensure parts are received on-cost, on-quality, and on-time, every time.

NetSuite houses certain supply chain data, including suppliers, parts, and lead times, which can now be accessed within Anvyl so users can make critical production decisions based on broader information. It also enables users to streamline communication and collaboration with internal and external parties. For example, you can now automate your purchase order check-ins with suppliers, audit all communication with manufacturers from a centralized location, and automatically feed real-time supply chain updates back into NetSuite providing everyone with the latest information. 

Every change order and other relevant details are tracked and saved in both platforms. Users can make more informed production decisions which helps avoid costly mistakes and delays. Now listed in NetSuite’s SuiteApp, the integration between Anvyl and NetSuite provides operational efficiencies and insights so companies can deliver on time and on budget with minimal supply chain disruptions. 

A supply chain workflow that drives efficiencies and collaboration

The Anvyl integration with NetSuite delivers newfound visibility across both platforms throughout the production and shipment of your goods. This integration gives employees from different teams and companies all the information they need to execute their day-to-day tasks. Instead of relying on emails that can get missed, individual spreadsheets that could become outdated, and other siloed information that makes communication cumbersome, Anvyl provides a workflow that allows organizations to store messages, files, and collaborate around goods ordered in a place where everyone can access it. And that means, for the first time, your team can have automated production check-ins with suppliers, refer back to a detailed audit trails, and make agile and intelligent decisions that support the business.

The integration between Anvyl and NetSuite revolutionizes how supply chain management operates, bringing the entire team into the same system to strategize and take action together. (If you’re interested in how this works, download this whitepaper Unlock the Supply Chain Data in Your ERP for Analysis and Collaboration)

Data consistency that reflects supply chain changes

Because NetSuite is built to provide a confidential view of an organization’s financials, executives and companies benefit from its ability to secure the company’s financial data in one place. Changes in the supply chain affect a company’s expenses and cash on hand and therefore, has to be updated promptly within NetSuite to reflect reality.

This is why the integration between NetSuite and Anvyl is so powerful for businesses. NetSuite can be used to run financial operations, while Anvyl gives supply chain managers the ability to keep track of the production and delivery details of every purchase order. By integrating Anvyl with NetSuite, supply chain teams have an opportunity to improve communication, build better relationships with vendors and colleagues, ensure timely resolution of issues, manage to budget, and sync all of this data together so NetSuite continues to stay current with new updates happening in the supply chain.

Never-before-seen supply chain insights

When working with vendors through email or text, trends about supplier interactions, product lead times, and issue resolutions may never be surfaced outside of those personal communication threads. These insights live within the inbox of the operator, and require manual updating into a shared spreadsheet when planning for strategic supply chain adjustments. With Anvyl, NetSuite users can not only house all of their supply chain workflows in one system, but also expose better insights that highlight the trends of their supply chain delays, supplier missteps, and purchase order discrepancies. For example, if a delivery date is now delayed due to a missed payment, this information is shared, offering more immediate and actionable insights for the affected parties that may not have been otherwise known without Anvyl.

Integrate within minutes

The Anvyl integration with NetSuite can be achieved within minutes for the most common data pulls like parts, suppliers, and order field changes. Customers that use both Anvyl and NetSuite benefit from a streamlined purchase order process, better tools for collaboration, additional transparency across the entire supply chain, and of course, real-time data for everyone to access.
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