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When customer demands are constantly changing, managing things like purchase orders or part requirements becomes very difficult – especially when that customer is one of many with shifting requirements. Breakdowns in communication between supplier and customer can lead to issues, which if not mitigated properly, can damage a working relationship and result in loss of business.

As a supplier, managing your customer relationships is one of your most important challenges on a daily basis. When your customer is happy, it makes doing your job a whole lot easier. But when frustrations set in – maybe because of delays or a change in scope – you’re left hustling to ensure you stay in good standing while still delivering on time. This can be a challenge when you don’t know what your customer is dealing with on a daily basis, but you need a reply in order to fix things and move forward.

The easiest way to ensure this doesn’t happen is through streamlined communication between both parties that can increase collaboration. The end result equates to providing a better service. This is where Anvyl can help – our solutions can ensure you communicate better, move faster, and see your customer relationships thrive. Here’s how.

Unified View of RFQs and Orders

Manually tracking thousands of updates on prices, quantities, product specifications, and deadlines is time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially as your business scales. Doing so manually in spreadsheets only exacerbates the issue. Anvyl empowers you to view, manage, and respond to all purchase orders from a unified view, through one easy-to-use central interface.

Streamlined Communication

With Anvyl, suppliers can upload anything from packing lists, a bill of lading, invoices, production updates, shipping documents, and more, all to one centralized location that is easily accessible by all parties. This central communication hub is crucial to managing constantly changing customer demands – no more lost emails, forwarding spreadsheets or manual follow-ups. Anvyl brings everything together for when you need it.

Performance Tracking to Meet SLAs

When your focus is dominated by current customer requests, ensuring your own performance is up to par can be challenging. Anvyl’s metrics allows you to monitor your on-time performance and quickly inform customers of changes, thereby reducing risks of a fragmented supplier-customer relationship.

Staying Connected

Pre-pandemic, suppliers were able to engage with customers in person during onsite visits, trade shows, and networking events. These opportunities are now few and far between as the majority of large trade and networking events have gone virtual or canceled altogether, eliminating those important occasions for relationship building. The Anvyl platform makes it simple and easy to stay connected to your customers in today’s virtual environment, delivering valuable “face time” whenever it’s needed.

Faster Payments

By providing all of the above, you’re building stronger collaboration and relationships with your customers that reduces the likelihood of payment delays. When customers are happy with the service they are being provided, they’re also happy to pay for it on time.

Anvyl streamlines supply chain relationship management and gets projects completed faster while improving your relationships with your customers. Through our central, easy-to-use platform you can manage your customer relationship through the entire product lifecycle, relying on automation to save you time and work smarter. To learn more about our solutions for suppliers, please select the plan that best fits your needs today.

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