Predicting supply chain delays
May 17, 2021

How to Predict Delay Risk in Your Supply Chain

Do you know when your orders are going to be delayed, before they happen?

Many times, supply chains are adjusting to issues as they arise, making it difficult to optimize for inaccurate lead times or delivery times. In this webinar, we’ll teach you how to assess your current supply chain orders, the metrics you need to monitor and optimize for when considering delay risk, and what variables could suggest a delay in your purchase orders.

In this interactive session, we will show you how to evaluate different PO scenarios and assess them for delay risk in your supply chain. Our educational webinar will go over 3 scenarios of purchase orders, teach you what metrics to monitor, and uncover early indicators that can warn you of a possible delay.

We will be joined by supply chain experts, Will Davis, the Director of Global Operations of Anvyl, and Dan Magida, Senior Global Operations Manager of Anvyl.

About Will Davis
Will is a Supply Chain professional with over 12 years experience in the CPG and Ecomm space. He previously worked at L’Oreal and L’Brands and was responsible for the successful launches of many consumer goods. Will currently works with Anvyl customers in identifying supply chain and packaging solutions for existing and new product launches. He Supports Anvyl suppliers with software training and identifying opportunities in the Anvyl Marketplace.

About Dan Magida
Dan has been a pioneer in the Supply Chain space since 2015, when he was one of the first employees of Elysium Health. There he led at each operational leg of the business, ranging from product expansion to manufacturing to fulfillment. After a brief stint at Peloton, Dan came to Anvyl to power the education of supply chain operations from launching new products to building robust software to enhance efficiencies in supply chain organizations of all sizes.

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