Supply Chain Lessons Learned in 2020 for E-commerce Businesses

It’s no secret that 2020 has been very different than years past. For many D2C companies, this meant higher costs, more advanced planning, and making strategic pivots to continue servicing customers without disruption. In last month’s webinar, we teamed up with Mark Riskowitz, Head of Operations at Caraway Home and Chad Rubin, Founder and CEO of Skubana to discuss the supply chain lessons we all learned this year.

Top trends and new strategies for e-commerce supply chains

The webinar recording below highlights:

  • The inventory strategies businesses implementing when production capacity, air freight capacity, and ocean capacity, is limited.
  • How D2C brands are veering away from a just-in-time inventory strategy to accommodate the holiday season this year.
  • What factors should go into supplier diversification and regional evaluation when putting together contingency plans.
  • How to manage the supply chain’s footprint by controlling costs where it makes sense to.
  • The visibility software systems that D2C brands are using to manage their supply chain and accomplish the same efficiencies as a modern enterprise, but at a much lower cost. (Hint: It’s not an ERP!)

Watch the webinar recording here:

To discuss more supply chain strategies and gain better visibility and insights across your supply chain, talk to a specialist today.

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