Use Your ERP Data for Real-Time Analysis and Collaboration

In order for your supply chain to run at optimal efficiency, you must align multiple different parts of your business to run as one singular unit. An ERP system can help unify things like financial operations, inventory management, production, and more, but in most cases you’re still left with important information that is siloed into different spreadsheets, purchase orders, files, emails, and other forms of communication.

Performing supply chain updates by manually entering data into an ERP system to serve as a single version of truth that serves the entire enterprise can be incredibly tedious. Data in one place can save time and reduce risk of error for those who rely on the data, but the challenge of manual data entry still remains, while also discouraging collaboration so as to reduce risk of integrity to the data.

In our newest whitepaper, we show you how our Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM) platform turns your ERP data into a continuously updated snapshot of your entire production process, creating an interactive, collaborative workflow environment for you and your team. We help you to streamline supply chain operations, automate workflows, and deliver real-time production analytics from order to delivery. Read the whitepaper to learn more.

Activate Collaboration

Managing your supply chain shouldn’t be linear – there are too many processes and relationships that are interconnected and can all benefit from a collaborative, single source of real-time information. A single purchase order has information about the product, supplier, inventory, shipping, pricing, and more. If everyone involved has access to the same data, day-to-day tasks become that much easier to execute.

Automate Daily Tasks

ERPs are a great central repository of information, but this information will not perform any manual outreach or data entry for you. With an SCRM platform, you can automate operational tasks and manual updates. The end result ultimately removes siloes from gated information that live in emails and offline spreadsheets and bring all of the essential workflows into a centralized platform with an audit trail to help encourage well-informed decisions.

Focus on Growth Strategy

The more time you spend trying to manually manage all aspects of your supply chain, the less time you have to do what’s most important – growing your business. For supply chain professionals, you don’t get a pat on the back for getting goods ordered and delivered on time. You achieve recognition by driving costs down, accurate demand planning to keep cash on hand, and procuring alternative suppliers who can perform on-quality, on-cost, and on-time. If you’re able to automatically provide everyone with the same supply chain information you have access to, you can spend less time following up on every detail and direct your focus on the bigger picture for your business.

To learn more, download our latest whitepaper: Use Your ERP Data for Real-Time Analysis and Collaboration.

For more information on how the Anvyl SCRM platform can help enhance your supplier relationships, monitor production updates, and boost supply chain efficiency from PO origination to delivery, schedule a meeting with a specialist today.

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