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Case Studies

Brooklinen Case Study

Brooklinen selected Anvyl to build the operational framework they needed to streamline and automate their

S’well Case Study

Anvyl helped the leading beverage container brand de-risk its supply chain and lower unit costs

Organifi Case Study

Organifi leveraged Anvyl to save hundreds of hours on manual tasks and meetings so they

What Customers Are Saying About Anvyl

"The ease of use is just awesome. You guys do a lot of complicated things, but on the dash it doesn't look like it. It's so intuitive that I can dig into the details in a very accessible way."
— Manager of Operations - NaturAll Club
"I've tried to create systems like this at my old roles but nothing close to what Anvyl does"
— Senior Manager, Procurement & Production - Brooklinen
“Anvyl is very much our source of truth. We hope to integrate more into Anvyl because this is where all the information will live.”
— Supply Chain Manager - Mirror
“As a result of the tool, we have been able to scale pretty rapidly without having to add a bunch of manual processes or add to our headcount just to manage this part of the business.”
— Head of Operations - Caraway
“Anvyl makes a 4 hour workflow a 10 minute workflow."
— Head of Business Development - SockFancy
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“Anvyl has been game-changing for us. It’s a phenomenal piece of software. I have 167 open orders at the moment and Anvyl’s the first thing I look at every day.”
— Joshua Siegel, Director of Supply Chain - Modloft

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