Innovative Brands use Anvyl

Our customers use Anvyl’s production hub and supplier marketplace to elevate their supply chain operations. Smarter sourcing, better visibility, and thousands of hours saved.

We’re managing suppliers and production plans over email exchanges that are reviewed during status meetings. We send spreadsheets and documents back and forth, and there’s an opportunity to leverage a platform to generate these types of reports and updates.

Matt Gornstein

Director of Global Sourcing at Harry’s

After its strong performance selling subscription-based shaving products, the company has expanded into multiple new product lines and markets. Now they’re piloting Anvyl to meet the supply chain complexity their growth has spurred.

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Thanks to Anvyl we are able to have a seamless experience between sales and production, and that frees us up to build out the sales side more. What used to be a twelve hour process is now just a quick highlight view.

Futhum Tewolde

Co-Founder & COO Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy chose Anvyl as a single hub for supply chain data, one that would make it easy to track progress, communicate with suppliers, and deliver goods to each customer on time and as promised.

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We were excited to work with Anvyl because its team of experts could serve as an extension of our own— providing eyes on the ground at every stage of the sourcing and production process.

Hilary Coles

Head of Product

Anvyl helped the early-stage men’s personal care brand reduce time to market by two months and launch 4X as many SKUs as its competitors.

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The software is great, easy to use, and efficient. It provides visibility when it comes to sourcing, all the way down to production.

Liz Miranda

Global Logistics Manager

Anvyl helped the leading beverage container brand de-risk its supply chain and lower unit costs by 20%.

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