New Project Collaboration

Increase Visibility Around New Production Initiatives

Keep files, message threads, and tasks related to new production introductions in one place, from sourcing to delivery.

Onboard Collaborators Within Minutes

Once collaborators create a password for their account, they can read emails, compose replies, and upload files through email without ever having to log in to the platform.

View Every Detail in Real Time

You no longer need to have a separate meeting to hear about the latest changes. The platform offers on-demand access to your team’s collaboration efforts for any use case.
Keep Suppliers Accountable
Update your product catalog for the new season. Upload new colors or specification files into Anvyl and allow your suppliers to respond with comments or feedback.
New Supplier Information
Stay organized as you evaluate alternative suppliers. Gather information about their facility, past audits, and pricing data for your parts.
Pricing and Capacity Updates
Contact suppliers you haven’t used in a while to discuss whether the price, MOQs, and lead times have changed. Your supplier can also update you on their capacity, availability, and timelines.

Eliminate Mistakes and Confusion Faster

When errors are made, they can be caught earlier by anyone on the team and corrected before the order is issued or goes into production.
Chain of Custody
View a chronological activity log to reference historical information, see what was said between parties, and get notified when changes are made to the project.
Task Management and Accountability
As new information arises, create and assign tasks to your team, suppliers, or third-parties with a due date. Individuals assigned receive a reminder when the deadline is approaching.
Standard Operating Procedures
Set up Task Automations for any standard operating procedures (SOP) that occur regularly with new initiatives. For example, assign your designer to upload new artwork and your manager to approve it.

Get Started

Increase visibility and centralization around your new production initiatives earlier in the process. To get started, request a demo.