Acronym Library


    AQL: Acceptable Quality Limit
    IQC: Incoming Quality Control
    IPQC: In-production Quality Control
    OQC: Outgoing Quality Control
    OBA : Out of Box Audit
    PSI: Pre-shipment Inspection
    SI: Source Inspection
    PPAP : Production part approval process
    CPK : Process capability
    CLCA : Close loop corrective action
    CQI : Continuous quality improvement
    FMEA : Failure mode effect analysis
    GR & R: Gauge repeatability and reproducibility
    HALT: Highly accelerated life test
    HASA : Highly accelerated stress audits


    GSM: Global Supply Manager
    SQE: Supplier Quality Engineer
    SQM: Supplier Quality Manager
    TPM: Technical Program Manager
    NPI: New Product Introduction
    NPO: New Product Operations
    DPM : Development Program Manager


    IM: Injection Molding
    PCB: Printed Circuit Board
    PCBA: Printed Circuit Board Assembly
    SMT: Surface Mounted Technology (ex. put chips on a PCB)
    FATP: Final Assembly Test & Pack
    ICT : Integrated Circuit Test
    MVA : Manufacturing Value Added
    BOM : Bill Of Material
    CTB: Clear to Build
    COS : Continuous of supply
    ODM : Original design manufacturer
    OEM : Original equipment manufacturer
    DFM/DFT : Design for manufacturing/Design for test
    DOE : Design of effect
    FAI : First article inspection

Raw Materials:

    PET: Polyethylene terephthalate (plastic)
    ABS: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (plastic)
    PEG: Polyethylene glycol
    TPU: Thermoplastic polyurethane (plastic)
    PC: Polycarbonate (plastic)
    PC/GF: Polycarbonate glass-fiber (plastic+glass-fiber)
    PMP: Polymethylpentene (plastic)
    PP: Polypropylene (plastic)
    SBS: Styrene Butadiene Styrene (rubber)
    TPE: Thermoplastic elastomers (plastic+rubber)
    SUS : Stain steel
    PMMA: Methyl Methacrylate (acrylic)


    ISO: International Organization for Standardization
    ISO 9000

Contract documents

    NDA: Non Disclosure Agreement
    MSA: Master Service Agreement
    SLA: Service Level Agreement
    MDSA: Master Development Supplier Agreement
    RPA: Restricted Product Agreement
    Incoterms: International Commercial Terms
    EXW: Ex Works
    FCA: Free Carrier
    FAS: Free Alongside Ship
    FOB: Free on Board
    CPT: Carriage Paid To
    CFR: Cost and Freight
    CIF: Cost, Insurance & Freight
    CIP: Carriage and Insurance Paid to
    DAT: Delivered At Terminal
    DAP: Delivered At Place
    DDP: Delivered Duty Paid

Project phases:

    NPI: New Product Introduction
    EVT: Engineering Validation & Testing
    DVT: Design Validation & Testing
    “Design Lock”
    PVT: Production Validation & Testing
    MP: Mass Production
    PO: Purchase Order
    BPO: Blanket Purchase Order


    3PL (or TPL): Third-Party Logistics
    DC: Distribution Center


    EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
    ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
    PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
    SRM: Supplier Relationship Management
    P2P: Procure to Pay