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Polishing Supply Chain Operations: Trendhim’s Journey with Anvyl

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About Trendhim

Since its inception in 2007, Trendhim has carved a niche in the men’s fashion accessory market. With a vast array of products, from sophisticated watches to grooming essentials, the Denmark-based company has extended its reach to over 30 countries, consistently staying ahead of the curve in men’s fashion.

Our email-centric communication was untenable. With more than 100 suppliers, we were getting lost in a sea of emails. We desperately needed one system to unify our operations.

– Tea Rasmussen

Confronting the Chaos of Growth

Trendhim’s commitment to regular product launches and new collections demanded the management of over 30 purchase orders monthly, involving a complex network of more than 100 suppliers. With over 62% of orders having three or more revisions, the sheer volume of email communications became a bottleneck, complicating the tracking of deliverables and leading to losses in efficiency.

Tea Rasmussen, Purchasing Specialist at Trendhim, highlights the crux of their struggle: “Our email-centric communication was untenable. With more than 100 suppliers, we were getting lost in a sea of emails. We desperately needed one system to unify our operations.”

Anvyl: The Catalyst for Clarity

Aligning with the future-forward ethos of Trendhim, the team chose Anvyl in 2022 to integrate with their MS Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. This strategic move paved the way for enhanced supply chain visibility and more structured communication, significantly reducing the need for back-and-forth emails.

As Tea points out, “Integrating Anvyl with our MS Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP was a game-changer. This seamless integration not only improved our workflow efficiency but also synchronized our operations with the finance department, ensuring consistent and error-free data management.”

Supplier Onboarding: Tailoring the Fit

Key to Anvyl’s successful implementation was the swift and comprehensive adoption by Trendhim’s suppliers. Through effective collaboration and hands-on training sessions facilitated by Anvyl, all 100 suppliers were adeptly using the platform within two months—a testament to the program’s efficiency and the dedication of both teams.

Our approach to supplier onboarding was strategic and swift. We planned the training sessions carefully, ensuring all 100 suppliers were proficient with Anvyl in just two months. This fast-paced implementation was crucial for maintaining our operational momentum.

– Tea Rasmussen

This substantial time saving allows us to focus more on strategic tasks rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day operational details.

– Tea Rasmussen

Results: A Well-Oiled Machine

The result of integrating Anvyl into Trendhim’s operations has been transformative. The streamlined workflow has saved 780 hours annually, and the on-time delivery of orders has increased by 24%. Moreover, the team has managed a 62% increase in order volume without expanding, showcasing the efficacy of Anvyl’s system.

“By adopting Anvyl, we’ve not only streamlined our order processing but have also saved approximately five hours per week per team member,” explained Tea.

Navigating the Future

As Trendhim looks to the future, they focus on nearshoring to bring suppliers from closer geographies, such as within Europe. This strategic move, supported by Anvyl’s robust system, will not only diversify their supplier network but also minimize risks and adapt quickly to the market’s pulse.

Looking ahead, we are excited about diversifying our supplier base into Europe. This shift is strategic for minimizing risks and adapting to new market dynamics. Anvyl’s robust system will be instrumental in this transition, allowing us to manage this new phase with the same efficiency and clarity.

– Tea Rasmussen

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