Organifi + Anvyl Case Study

Case Study

Organifi makes organic superfoods delicious and accessible with a streamlined, transparent supply chain

Organifi + Anvyl Case Study

Organifi, is helping people transform their lifestyles through Organic juice and superfood blends.

Organifi now relies on Anvyl to achieve greater supply chain automation and visibility—plus to get hours of productivity back each week.

Founder Drew Canole, is a popular YouTuber with over a million followers. He built his channel on the merits of juicing, inspiring others by helping them transform their lives. However, many of his followers complained that Organic juicing was a lot of work, expensive, and didn’t always taste great,—CEO Djamel Bettehar, Canole’s former transformation client, joined the team and helped Canole create the very first organifi product, Green Juice. This sparked the birth of Organifi.

Organifi makes juicing simple, quick and delicious through organic juice powders and superfood supplements. Canole hired Niels Tervoort as Director of Supply Chain, tasking him with everything from product development to order management to fulfillment. In the beginning Tervoort and his team were tracking and managing all of their supply chain data in spreadsheets, knowing they’d reach a point in their growth trajectory where they’d need more powerful tools.

The goal: less tedious work, more time for innovation

Before Tervoort and his team found Anvyl, they were managing all of their supply chain operations in spreadsheets and over email threads. They knew they needed to cut down the hours they were spending on following up with suppliers and logistics partners, and they wanted more clear, effective communication between the finance and supply chain functions of Organifi.

Tervoort envisioned a single dashboard where every stakeholder could find status updates on important production milestones, detailed supplier data, and an easily searchable history of conversations around orders and payments.

Organifi + Anvyl Case Study

I didn’t want to wade through old email threads to track down the status of a purchase order—we needed a system that could scale.

Niels Tervoort
Director of Supply Chain

Moving everything to Anvyl

“When I first talked to Anvyl, says Tervoort, I could see it was the all-encompassing platform we were looking for.” They were excited to be able to find vendors, manage orders and track deliveries, and do more accurate planning with their newfound data.

Organifi had several stakeholders in the migration. Their R&D manager, project manager, supply chain manager, and accounting team all were planning on using Anvyl. This would help them to see, better plan, and allocate their budget. As they started the move to their new platform, Tervoort was impressed with the level of support from the Anvyl team—”the support team was very responsive via the Anvyl chat box on the dashboard, as well as via email and phone if needed.” They were up and running within a week.

Organifi’s newfound time and impact

Now that the Organifi team is managing their supply chain on Anvyl, they’re able to spend more time bringing 6 new products to market. In the last year alone, Tervoort was able to Increase efficiency and remove 30 days worth of meetings, which allows him to work on the business, instead of in the business.

I’d estimate I got 15-20% of my time back thanks to Anvyl

Organifi + Anvyl Case Study

The visibility the team gets from having all of their production and supplier data available in the Anvyl dashboard is game-changing. “I used to have meetings 3 times a week to get updates from suppliers,” says Tervoort, “then spend hours documenting all of the statuses and details on each PO in spreadsheets.” Now he puts every purchase order through the platform and can quickly see a complete timeline of the status and past communication for each.

Tervoort estimates he saves 8 hours a week now that the team no longer needs to manually manage POs or track down production statuses. Now they just glance at the status bar at the top of each order in Anvyl and can rest assured it will meet its expected delivery date.

The accounting team is thrilled with their newfound visibility as well—because Organifi has never taken on financing, cash flow is crucial. Now they know what to expect at any time, including pending expenses from POs in progress. On top of Tervoort’s previous estimate, the finance team saves another 4-6 hours per week working through spreadsheets to estimate cash flows.

What’s next on the horizon?

Tervoort and the Organifi team are looking forward to growing alongside the Anvyl platform. “As we get bigger, I’m looking forward to using all the new capabilities Anvyl implements. The platform is continuously growing.”

So far they’ve been full speed ahead. Organifi reached an all-time high for the year to date, with a million products shipped by October. He says the company has become more efficient at everything from marketing to supply chain, launching a handful of new products each year and making key hires that will help them grow faster.

“We’re excited for what’s next,” he says, “and Anvyl has done a great job engineering the platform to support our growth.” His advice to other supply chain directors?
“Communication and transparency in your supply chain is absolutely imperative. Anvyl’s biggest value is bridging that gap between you and your supply chain partners.”