Caraway Case Study

Caraway+ Anvyl Case Study

Founded in 2018 in New York City, Caraway makes quality cookware, without the harmful chemicals.

When Caraway was ready to launch its first eco-friendly product line in the summer of 2019, the team needed a way to quickly and efficiently monitor their production and shipment of ordered goods. As a new brand, Caraway did not have a large operations team in place to oversee every production milestone with its suppliers. The business needed to operate with a small but highly productive team as it looked to simultaneously produce and expand its product offering with other home goods.

Caraway builds a strong operational foundation on Anvyl

Prior to placing its first purchase order as a company, Caraway adopted Anvyl as its supplier relationship management platform. Anvyl served as Caraway’s supplier directory, parts library, and source of truth for the ongoing communications between their team and their suppliers. Anvyl provided Caraway an organized paper trail that was accessible and referenceable for anything production-related, from price changes to artwork files, and everything in between.

In an effort to keep supply chain material and information in a single source of truth, Caraway leveraged Anvyl’s Integration Hub. Through this, they were able to connect Anvyl to its billing system and freight forwarding vendor for cross-functional visibility. The flexible technology took only a few days to set up a complete source-to-pay workflow, with pre-built integrations for both QuickBooks and Flexport.


SKUs added in 1 month


visibility from source-to-pay


orders and shipments tracked in one place

With added visibility across the three systems, every team member at Caraway was empowered to execute day-to-day tasks with all of the information they needed. Anvyl’s cloudbased system meant anyone could access the same information and work from location in any time zone, with the most up-to-date information. Unlike the legacy systems and offline processes that team members used at past companies, Caraway’s team had a solid foundation. They never had to manually send a one-off email, transfer new information to an outdated spreadsheet, or fact check any discrepancies off the platform.

Once production was in full swing, the Caraway team benefited from other operational efficiencies using Anvyl’s Production Hub. The fully digitized purchase order process gave Caraway top-down visibility into where orders were in the production lifecycle. In the early days, it was common for Caraway to need more inventory to meet the company’s growing demand and keep customers happy. With the ability to split orders into multiple shipments on Production Hub, track those shipments on Logistics Hub, and reference this information for accurate accounting on Payments Hub, Caraway felt confident in its resilient supply chain.

Caraway brings new products to market within 6 months

Through Anvyl, Caraway has always had 100% visibility into its entire supply chain operations. The team issues 100% of its purchase orders on Anvyl, tracks 100% of its shipments on Anvyl, and has 0 reconciliation issues at the end of each month.

Caraway continues to launch products that are eco-friendly from natural resources. The company experienced the following results in under a year:

• 0 added headcount to manage production operations
• 15+ new SKUS added within 1 month
• 1st cookware line launched in 2 months
• 2nd accessory product line launched in 5 months

I’ve been incredibly impressed by Anvyl from the moment we chose to adopt the software. From the product to the team, Anvyl really knows and supports its users. I can’t imagine having launched our business without it and I look forward to leveraging it even further as we scale our operations.

Mark Riskowitz
Head of Operations