Swell Case Study

Case Study

S’well Partnered with Anvyl to Improve Quality and Lower Unit Costs

Anvyl helped the leading beverage container brand de-risk its supply chain and lower unit costs by 20%


Gain supply chain visibility and lower unit costs

S’well, the leading insulated reusable beverage container company, had experienced nearly a decade of rising unit costs for its core products, as well as quality concerns within its supply chain. While the company wished to address these issues, it recognized that switching suppliers could be disruptive – especially amid high and growing consumer demand.

To help solve these challenges, S’well asked Anvyl to evaluate its supply chain and identify cost savings opportunities for its core product offering, insulated water bottles.

Switching suppliers can be a risky proposition for a quickly growing business. Instead, S’well opted to leverage Anvyl’s supply chain expertise, on-the-ground team, and software to manage their current supply chain better. This strategy allowed S’well to oversee all production details easily and achieve improved quality quickly with less internal resources lost.

S'well + Anvyl Case Study

S’well is the leading brand for stylish on-the-go reusable water bottles, food containers, and accessories.

Unit Cost Reduction

Improved Quality
Control With On-The-Ground Anvyl Oversight

Upgraded Supplier Quality
Via Anvyl Network 100% Supply Chain

Through Anvyl Platform

S'well + Anvyl Case Study


Leverage Anvyl’s on-the-ground expertise and supplier network to improve S’well’s supply chain

Anvyl worked closely with S’well to analyze the company’s existing supplier base, materials and production processes. Anvyl identified areas for potential cost savings during each phase of sourcing, design and production. For example, by changing its choice of raw materials, S’well was able to lower its unit cost significantly.

Further, Anvyl’s on-the-ground advanced planning and optimization (APO) team in China worked directly with S’well’s suppliers to set and implement best practices within their factories, improving quality across the board. Anvyl then used its proprietary supply chain management platform to sort through more than 2,000 vetted suppliers in order to identify new, more efficient potential partners for S’well to slot into its supply chain.

“Anvyl found the gaps in our supply chain, and used a combination of human expertise and technology to fill them, swiftly and seamlessly,” said Liz.


S’well gained supply chain visibility and reduced unit costs by 20%

S'well + Anvyl Case Study

By working with Anvyl, S’well realized unit cost savings of more than 20% — the first such decrease in the company’s eight-year history. Working with Anvyl also helped S’well save money in other ways: For example, Anvyl’s hands-on monitoring enabled S’well to end a contract with an additional third-party quality support firm, while placing orders through Anvyl’s supply chain management platform streamlined S’well’s procurement process.

Working with Anvyl has also saved S’well time, freeing up its internal team to focus on other strategic initiatives – including launching the company’s first new product lines, Tumblers, Roamers, and Barware.

Based on the success of the partnership, S’well has significantly expanded its relationship with Anvyl, putting Anvyl in charge of primary and secondary packaging for its products, as well as sourcing and production for S’well’s new product lines. With monitoring and oversight for all these products centralized in Anvyl’s supply chain management platform, it’s easy for S’well to have visibility into the performance of its entire supply chain with just a few clicks.

“The people at Anvyl are true experts. They made it easy to upgrade our suppliers, boost the quality of our production, and ensure we are manufacturing in the best way possible,” said Liz Miranda. “Anvyl has helped us rethink how we approach sourcing and recognize the opportunities that exist in our supply chain. They’re an incredible partner.”

The software is great, easy to use, and efficient. It provides visibility when it comes to sourcing, all the way down to production.

Liz Miranda, Global Logistics Manager